Fridays Flaunts in the March Garden

 Here it is Friday already and lots is happening in the garden. Our temperatures have increased and the gardens is growing faster than I can keep up with it. As long as those pesky weeds stay put for awhile I will be happy.
Today I am joining my friend, Glenda, over at Tootsie Time and showing off my Friday flowers. I was shocked to look outside and see this Rhododendron in full bloom.

 I was experimenting with my macro shots so bear with me as I try this new camera out. It is a real learning experience, all this technology. I will never figure out all the settings on my camera.

 Love, love my Primulas. They are in shades of blue, red and whites in the garden right now to be followed by pink later this  month.

 Crocuses have been in bloom for a couple of weeks now. I see tiny seedlings of Nigella popping up everywhere.

The striping on the petals is lovely on this Crocus.

My miniature Narcissus are finally open! 

 Now I like this photo. The Heaths are just starting to bloom. Each tiny funnel shaped flower will attract the bees to the garden. That’s a good thing.

 A few more of my tiny Narcissus. I had to lay on the ground to get this shot. They are so tiny.

 This was the first Crocus in bloom , a deep purple. 

The Hellebores are taking their sweet time opening up. This one is tucked under a Rhododendron in the backyard where I can’t see it. Adding it to my list of ‘must move plants’.
Well that’s it for today. Looks like we are in for some rainy weather here in BC so I will be puttering in the greenhouse watching over my seedlings and dreaming of sunshine.
Happy gardening,

2 thoughts on “Fridays Flaunts in the March Garden

  1. So many fun blooms… I do love Spring. I see you are using the new template… I tried it for awhile and many complained that they couldn't leave comments so I ended up switching back despite the fact that I much prefer some of the new looks! Larry

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