Wordless Wednesday-Staying Close to Nature

Just a look at the most precious moments.Above , visitors to my backyard.

This turtle came from the waterway behind my home, was I surprised!

An awe moment.

Babies born last summer

Another visitor.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-Staying Close to Nature

  1. Oh wow! Those Owls are stunning! What wonderful little visitor’s you’ve had. It’s amazing what wildlife is all around us if we sit still long enough to notice.

    We used to live near an apartment tower complex that had a man made lake in the centre. Full of plant life, very well done. They even stocked it with fish. I guess a few turtles were released from an apartment when they got to big for the tank (so the story goes)and a couple years later there’s a whole turtle colony there. I’m sure thats how your got there. Someone’s misguided idea of a house pet.

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