Country Barns

Everyday I drive down the farm roads to get to the barn where we board our horse. This area isn’t as rural as we think. We are losing our farmland to great big fancy homes being built on agricultural land and to super highways being built to make things move faster. We face a real fear that our barn will no longer be able to house our horse as it may be bought up so the new highway can go through. That will mean thirty five or more horses will have to find a new home.

One thing I have learned living here is it doesn’t hurt to slow down a bit. I did just that yesterday to capture this photo of one of my favorite barns. It is seldom used any more but it will always be there.Most of the old barns are now heritage and cannot be destroyed to make way for progress. If only that was our barn.

2 thoughts on “Country Barns

  1. It’s a good thing that some old barns have heritige destinction. This barn is beautiful with it’s worn off colour on the barn boards, large trees in the background and tall grass in the front, it would be so picturesq if it weren’t for the green dumpster to the left. It’s a good thing that this barn isn’t destind for it.

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