Galanthus, First Sign of Spring!


Even thought winter is still here, there are signs of spring approaching in the garden.The first flower to show its tiny head is the snowdrop or Galanthus. Galanthus is the Latin word for milk white flowers, hence the color of the flowers. The blooms are nodding white flowers and are about an inch across. The plant grows to between four to six inches high. Now not everyone has an easy time growing snowdrops. The bulbs you buy in the garden centers in the fall for spring bloom have a tendency to dry out. It is best to receive division of this plant when it is in the green. Have someone dig up a small clump of snowdrops to get you started. Once you get your new clump of snowdrops home you can divide them or plant them as is. If you decide to divide the clump, gently tease the roots apart with your hands being careful not to break the roots. Snowdrops can be planted in almost any well drained soil. A moist soil is best but not too wet. They prefer a semi-shaded site and are best grown in the shade of shrubs or trees or along a woodland path. Once planted snowdrops will last a lifetime in your garden and bring joy to all who see them.

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