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I am Planting a Crazy Mix of Seeds

I don’t have to tell you how addicted I am to seeds. People seem to know and I am always being given seeds from other people’s stashes. When my Mom moved last year, we came across a bucket full of old seeds in her shed. Were they viable? I am not sure. Some seeds last a long time and others don’t. I could test them in a damp paper towel but I can’t be bothered. With nine flats of seeds already on the go in the greenhouse, I don’t want to waste time with questionable seeds.

seed mix

So what will I do with them.? I have decided to mix them all together in one big wild and crazy mix. If they don’t grow, oh well, they didn’t cost me a penny.

So whats in this mix?

Bachelors Button -My passion for blue flowers in the garden has me hoping this one germinates.

Babys Breath- Love this for bouquets

Shirley poppies-Old seed but I remember originally getting them from the Vancouver Sun years ago. Planting for old times sake.

Wildflower blend- Okay this is last years seed from West Coast Seeds which I didn’t plant last year.

Hummingbird mix- One of those mixed seed packages that doesn’t say whats in it.

Pollinator blend- Another free seed pack from West Coast Seeds.

Nemesia- I love this early bloomer!

Impatiens- I doubt these will grow as its only March and of course, there is the dreaded downy mildew.Maybe the birds will eat the seeds.

Marigolds-Okay, I have a hard enough time growing these in a greenhouse. Maybe they will do better thrown around carelessly. Who knows?

Dusty Miller- From seed, who does this?

The bowl has literally hundreds of seeds in it. I have an area in mind where I want to plant them. It’s best to just plant them and watch and wait. If they don’t grow I will plant something else. One thing I am not short on are seeds. I didn’t mention I have an envelope of mixed seed for another area in the garden.


  1. Reblogged this on Journaling A Marvelous Life — my daily thoughts about nothing and commented:
    When in doubt … plant it anyway! As this blogger did with a discovered ‘seed stash’ she was lucky to come across in her mother’s shed. If nothing else she will enjoy all the anticipation until the discovery of what it becomes plays out in a few weeks. I would not have done it differently.

  2. This is awesome!! I throw all my old/extra seeds into my worm compost just to see what will grow. I hope you end up with a big crazy beautiful planting. 🙂

  3. I planted half of the seeds today so I will be watch to see if anything grows. Hoping for poppies.

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