Dear Mother Nature,

Dear Mother Nature,

Just a couple of days ago the sun was shining and it felt like spring. I was so excited to be able to get out and see what was blooming in the garden.

The first Crocuses couldn’t help but open up to the warmth of the sun’s rays.


It was starting to look promising as new buds poked through a layer of leaves searching for the sun’s warmth.


This tiny yellow Crocus shouting to the world, I am here, see me shine!

alyssum seedlings

I was excited too as I checked on the progress of my seeds that I had planted. My Alyssum was up! Surely the rest of my seeds wouldn’t be far behind.


And then it happened. Mother Nature, you ┬ádecided to don a new coat of white. Snow fell and it hasn’t stopped since Friday night. I took this photo yesterday but now I can no longer read the word ‘love’ on the bench. The snow is deep and is covering it up. The tiny Crocus from the first photo is struggling below the bench. Its colour a stark contrast to the gray and white around it.


Its blooms are now closed to keep the cold out as it is burdened down with snowflakes.

The snow decorates the branches of Potentilla making a pretty design. It looks pretty Mother Nature but really, can I ask you something? Could you please bring the green coat back. It looks much better on you, especially with all the colours.


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