Making Simple and Easy Christmas Decorations

For years I have been doing the same style of decorating for Christmas. I was pretty excited to get invited to a google hangout with Hometalk yesterday. It was all about Christmas decorating. It left me with so many things I wanted to try out. On the air we were able to listen to  Laura from Bright Bold & Beautiful, Victoria Elizabeth Barnes from Restoring Our Victorian House, Amanda from Mommy is Cocoo and Jennifer from Decorating Ideas Made Easy. Okay these ladies made everything look easy.

red and gold for Christmas

Here is one of the ideas which I whipped up right after listening to the show. Now it isn’t rocket science to place red and gold balls in a  bowl. I drove over to my local Christmas thrift store and bought some for under $4. I placed them in a large crystal bowl and it was done. Okay, this is just what I needed, a classic touch of elegance on the table. Wouldn’t this look nice using smaller crystal bowls and even a vase or two to give some different looks? It has me wanting to create even more but I know that sometimes less is best.

Vintage Santa cups

I also get creative ideas from Pinterest and last night I was browsing and saw this idea. I just happened to have some vintage Santa cups. On Pinterest, it suggested filling the Santa cups with boxwood clippings. I don’t have Boxwood in the garden so I cut some Osmanthus or false holly. I added a bit of water to keep them fresh.What do you think? I like this idea. I have a hard time adding lots of greenery in the home at Christmas. One of my cats will eat anything fresh and green that I bring in. The mantle seems to be the only safe place for adding greenery.


Now to get my wreath made. If you haven’t read the tutorial on how to make a bow over at Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, you are in for a real treat. The large wreath is my next project. Let’s hope I can pull it off. I was able to get some smaller ribbon to work with. Okay, I tried my best with some two-inch wide ribbon. I highly recommend using the four-inch ribbon if you can get it. I would also use a ribbon that’s a solid colour next time. Okay, thank the lord for florist wire which I had lots of. I definitely used it to secure the loops of the bow. I wasn’t sure how to attach the bow so I took the end of the florists wire and poked it through the cardboard behind the bow. I secured the wire on the back with strong tape. Now the bow isn’t flopping around. I still have to hang this bow from a wreath so I will do a follow-up post once that is done. The ribbon I used wasn’t perfect so don’t look too closely. I picked it up at the local thrift shop but it had a few imperfections. Like anyone will  notice but me. It was a good ribbon to practice on and I will still go ahead and hang it. Just let someone notice. I will tell them the squirrels were eating it. I mean really, that could happen, right?

christmas pillow

I had lots of ribbon left over so what to do with it? Then I remembered seeing Victoria’s beautiful pillows. Okay, they looked much more elegant than mine. Imagine a white couch with pillows embellished with red ribbon. I really need to add a link to the hangout for you all to watch but you can wander over to Bright Bold and Beautiful and you will see the link there. She didn’t talk about the pillows but they caught my eye right away. Of course, today I have forgotten exactly what they looked like. Yeah, I am getting old and forgetful. Here is my version of prettying up the pillows. Now I will tell you right away my hubby will not like this and the cats, of which I have five, yes, five, will start to eat the ends of the ribbons.

Anyway, try some of these ideas out and don’t forget to check out all the ideas from these great designers. Just remember keep it simple and have fun. That’s what Christmas is all about.

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