Whats Happening in Your Garden?

I love being in the garden as most of you have guessed by now. I find it relaxing to be out there digging in the soil. Last week I finally planted my vegetable garden in two ‘new to me’ raised beds. In just a few days, the spinach, radishes and onions were showing their first leaves! ┬áIts amazing what grows when you are away from the garden for a few days.


I would like to add more raised beds for growing food but we have nine blueberry bushes planted nearby. So it’s a toss-up. We could move the blueberries somewhere else and risk the birds eating our crop or leave them as is. The garden is always changing as our desire to grow more food widens. Of course, growing food right outside the back door makes it just so much easier to harvest and water.


A new Iris is out this morning, a lovely one in shades of purple. The backyard is a great place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine with friends. It’s very quiet until the bushtits come flying through the garden for a daily feast. Then they flitter from one shrub to another taking over the garden.


The Japanese Dogwood or Cornus kousa is in full bloom. What a magnificent tree for the small garden! The birds will love this tree in the fall when its full of berries.


The Roses are out in bloom and most of them are fragrant. This Rose has struggled with being moved to a new location. It’s not the healthiest of roses being susceptible to blackspot. One thing I don’t have an issue with is aphids. The birds seem to keep them under control for me.



This is where I love to spend my time. Its the most challenging part of the garden with lots of morning glory and horsetail but it comes with good things too. As I think about the Grow Write Guild prompt from a couple of weeks ago, I must share the lovely moments in this garden. It’s a bit of a walk from the house and as I weed and tend the garden below this large arbor, all I hear is birds chirping. It’s like they are telling me that I am in the way or that its their garden. Often a Robin will come just feet away and stare at me. I suspect there is a nest close by.


The roses cover the arbor with cascades of flowers from whites, yellows and pinks. They also provide a bit of shade on hot summer days. As I work under here I can also hear the voices of children laughing and rooting for their baseball teams in the park a couple blocks away. I can also hear the splash of ducks in the waterway behind our home and the sudden noise of ducks starting into flight. It’s all good.


Working in the front yard is not the same. The beauty of the Roses here is marred by the sound of noisy traffic going by. Even though we have a large hedge blocking the view of our yard, it does little to block the noise. Traffic is not my favourite sound. It is something I can’t change so I learn to live with it. So what sounds do you hear in your garden?

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