The Ever Changing Garden- Part One

front garden

As I look at my front garden I realize this is my spring garden and one of my favourites. The trees are just leafing out and once they do the garden will be in deep shade. The garden above has a mature Oak tree and a Sweet Gum just coming into leaf. This morning the sun is shining on this garden allowing for the growth of lots of spring bulbs. The only shade in the morning is from what the house casts. Right now all I see in bloom are the red Tulips and Helleborus.The seat that I plan on refurbishing was picked up last year when I saw someone throw it away for trash. How could they? I think it looks great here in the garden but will I still be able to see it once the plants have grown?

front garden north end

This is the other side of the garden in the top photo. Lots of spring color and masses and masses of bluebells ready to bloom. The Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ holds it tiny blue flowers for all to see but secretly I can’t wait for the leaves to grow on this plant. Peonies thrust their reddish new growth through the soil in the far end of the garden where there is more sun. There is a Styrax tree in far left corner still bare.

front garden

As I look ahead in the front garden I realize that the Viburnum bodnantense is about to swallow the gazebo if I don’t do some selective pruning. All I see when I look at this photo is the junk that is stored in the gazebo waiting to be placed about the garden. The red tips of ¬†Pieris japonica brighten up this dark corner. As you can see, my front garden is bordered by a huge cedar hedge along the road making it very private but it also shades the garden late in the afternoon.

south side of front garden

As I look to the left I can see the flowering Cherry tree in all its glory  with a large pink Magnolia next to it. I love these magnificent spring blooming trees. Hostas edge their noses out of the soils as Primula start to fade in this area. Hellebores were recently added to this side of the garden which will bring more spring interest. A Sour Gum tree has a center spot in the lawn surrounded by spring bulbs and some Black Mondo Grass which I miraculously kept alive.

the front walkway

Okay, now that you had the tour of the good parts, here is my hell strip. Yes, whoever thought that planting Campanula rotundifolia here obviously didn’t realize I would need dynamite to get rid of it. Dont get me wrong, the flowers are a lovely blue and I love blue flowers but this plant travels faster than I can walk. We dug up this mass of green last spring so that I could add a few annuals. Unfortunately if you leave just one tiny piece this plant returns with a vengeance. So do I learn to live with it? Then there is the Senecio greyi along the walkway below the roses which hubby and I have differing opinions on.This area gets full sun most of the day and requires tough plants. Hubby hates the way the plants take over the sidewalk, I love the way they soften it.

So what are my plans for the front yard? I want a flow of golds, greens and whites in the garden so that once it is in full shade it won’t be so dark. When we moved here eight years ago the front garden was green, just plain green, no variegation, no reds, no golds, nothing but green. Can you say boring?

This is just a small portion of my half-acre garden which I am sharing with the Grow Write Guild over at You Grow Girl. I look forward to watching the seasonal changes in this garden. I love this garden as it shouts spring but later on it is a whole different story. Stay tuned for updates as we take this journey of the seasons.

7 thoughts on “The Ever Changing Garden- Part One

  1. You do have a large front garden and it looks so neat and tidy. Lots of variation already. Looking forward to seeing the changes

  2. I like the sound of your plans for the front, too much green is possible, especially in the shade. You make a good point about the campanula. I like it and have not tried to remove it, but have tried and failed to remove other ‘creepers’ who planned to stay.

  3. Your gardens are beautiful! I had a invasive ferns all along the side of the house that would continue to grow if I left a tiny piece. I decided to wait until the ferns are gone a full growing season before I plant any perennials. Only annuals and veggies in this spot until then. Going on year two. What a pain!

    Here’s my response to writing prompt #3… My Gardens Right Now


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