Milner Gardens Spring Garden Party Fun

Yesterday I was invited by Stephanie over at Garden Therapy to attend a Hometalk meetup and Spring Garden Party at Milner Gardens. I had only recently discovered Milner Gardens when my daughter drove me by last week. We didn’t have time to stop in that day so I was excited to get a chance to see what garden goodies they had. I mean its spring and who can resist?

milner gardens

The garden center wowed me as I entered. It was decorated in shades of lavender and white and looked so elegant! Each table had a beautiful centerpiece for us to enjoy. Food was laid out on tables for the lunch they were serving us. We grabbed a coffee and found a good seat up front so we could listen to the various demonstrations that would be going on.

milner gardens

Tamara Jansen welcomed us to Milner Gardens and Darvonda Nursery  and demonstrated a couple of very unique container plantings. The first container was a small iron bathtub complete with shower. It was so cute. She lined it with moss and then placed a layer of plastic inside to prevent the soil from falling out. Next came the plants with Heather, Campanula and Gerberas planted in the bathtub. She topped it off with some moss to hide the soil and it was done. It was just that easy!

milner gardens

The first task when creating the second container was trying to get the lavender out of its pot. Not as easy as it looks sometimes but with Heidi’s help it finally came out and was planted in the tub.


Tamara planted a standard Lavender in the center with Heather as an evergreen component and a new combination of plants called the Confetti Gardens. In the Confetti Garden package you receive Petunias, Calibrachoas and Verbena that will complete any container you make. Now that’s what you call making it easy for new and experienced gardeners alike. Tamara also said that monochrome plantings were popular this year, hence the repetition of purple toned flowers in the planters.

milner gardens

Between presentations we had time to walk around the nursery and check out all the wonderful displays at Milner Gardens. I absolutely loved this all green display. From the cute green boots to the garden seating, this little vignette just screams spring.


Then I fell in love with this yellow seating for two. The use of lemons in the glass bowl and the art work in behind just made this so inviting. It was calling me to sit there and have a glass of lemonade and the promise of warm summer days to come.


At first I thought this was a real person at a glance. Lovely, lovely vignette with the lady holding a bouquet of Gladioli while playing the piano. What an amazing display in this part of the garden center! Lots of great gift ideas as well as items for the garden.

Okay, I havent forgotten the plants. There are lots of plants available in the garden center with more coming as the weather warms up a bit more. This is a great time to start planning your hanging baskets Why not try out some of the Confetti Gardens? I know I will be.



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