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How to Make a Miniature Garden

How to make a miniature garden

Have you ever made a miniature garden?  They are fun to create whether you use a kit or make one from materials you find yourself. Last year I met Janit Calvo of Two Green Thumbs at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. I purchased one her kits to easily make another miniature garden. In the past I had sought out recycled items or thrift shop finds to create my miniature gardens. This time I wanted to try out a pre-made patio to see if I liked it.

How to make a miniature garden

To get started I bought a 12″ shallow clay pot. I liked that it was shallow as it allowed everything to look in scale. I filled it with potting soil as I had to add the plants first.

How to make a miniature garden

The first plant I added was a small tree called Abies balsamea nana or Dwarf Balsam Fir. It’s so cute at this size and because it sat all winter some moss has started to grow at the base, just what I want for this garden. This tree will eventually grow to about 2′ feet high so it will be a temporary planting. Once its out of scale, I will replace it with something else.

how to make a miniature garden

The next plant to go in is Thymus x citrodorus ‘Archer’s Gold’. It’s a creeping Thyme with bright golden foliage which will contrast nicely with the green of the Fir. It grows to about 2″ high so it will be perfect for the miniature garden and can be clipped if needed.

Both these plants need sun to part shade so they will work well together. I also tried adding the patio stones which are held together with netting making them easy to use. I wasn’t sure if I liked them so I tried something else. Now the fun part. Oh the decisions!

how to make a miniature garden

The kit also came with stones resembling flagstone which I liked better. I inserted the tiny bird bath which has a long thin wire on the bottom to hold it in the soil.

how to make a miniature garden

I added the table and chairs that came with the kit and the tiny globes to decorate the garden. Now that I look at the photo I wonder if adding some moss for grass might be a good idea. With all the moss in my lawn it’s certainly not in short supply. Moss could be used to soften the landscape under the bench and up to the patio.

how to make a miniature garden

Okay, I have to admit the whole patio thing drove me crazy. The preformed one was more stable for the table and chairs but it just wasnt the look I was going for. Miniature gardening is a matter of personal taste.

how to make a miniature garden

Then I got goofy and tried out one of my tiny farm boys but he was so out of scale with everything. I will save him for my miniature farm.

how to make a miniature garden

This is the end result. I switched back to the flagstone patio and added the table and chairs, bench, bird bath and globes. The miniature garden is sitting atop a stump in the garden. I still have the other patio for another garden so that’s a good thing. Today the lawn is being aerated so I will be the one gathering moss as it flies up from the lawn. Guess where it will go?


  1. Lovely!- have reblogged this one. Hope you have a good Easter!

  2. Thank you Nigel! Happy Easter!

  3. I Love your little garden, and hope to make one soon too.

  4. Thanks Leona, once you start it can be addictive. I like to add whimsy to the garden. Life gets too serious.

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