Towel Art in Mexico





towel art

It was so hard to come home from our holiday in Mexico. Its taken a week to get out of the holiday mode and back to reality, like making my own meals and cleaning the house.  What I would give for a little house cleaning fairy now with the holidays so close. I thought I would share the lovely towel art that we received during our stay at the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal. Everyday the lady who cleaned our room left us something different. The basket above had fresh red hibiscus flowers in it.


The next day we were greeted by this baby, how cute!


This looks more like a snow baby with its cute little hat.


Each day I lined them up and got a group photo of them. The bunny greeted us on our last day of holiday. Things like this made me smile each time we received one. We rarely saw who cleaned our room but it was sure appreciated. I googled towel art only to see that there are many ways to create theses sculptures. Hmmmm…. now all I need is a Santa.



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