Dreaming of Spring, Seeds and a New Year

It’s just two weeks until Christmas and I am busy reading seed catalogues and planning my  2013 garden. I know its early but its best to choose your seeds early to avoid disappointment. I am remembering what I didn’t like and what worked well for me last season.

seed catalogues

So where do you get seed catalogues? It’s easy as there is a list of companies out there, many specializing in different types of plants. I often go to Seeds of Diversity and check out their resource list or learn about new ones from my friends. This year I have received Heritage Harvest Seed, Osbourne Seed and Vesey’s and am waiting on West Coast Seeds. They make for good winter reading. I will order a few seeds from these companies but probably buy most of my favourites at West Coast Seeds. After all, they are just down the street from me, so it’s very convenient or should I say dangerous for this seedaholic? West Coast Seeds are suited to our climate here on the west coast of BC so it makes sense to shop there.

tomatoes from greenhouse

I will definitely get some more lemon cucumbers seeds as they were just the right size for us and they produced well. I will try something new called Brokali, a cross between broccoli and kale. Each year its fun to try something different. I will grow the standard fare of carrots, beets, onions, lettuce, kale, radishes and squash. My greenhouse will again be full of tomatoes, peppers and maybe eggplant this coming year. Of course, I can’t leave the herbs out, they are a staple in my kitchen.

white carrots

What I won’t grow this year is corn. It didn’t seem to matter which type of corn I grew, they tasted horrid. I chalk it up to poor pollination and a hot summer producing irregular cobs with no flavour. I will probably skip the white carrots as well. They just weren’t that tasty unless cooked.


Last season was a very abundant one and as gardeners we always hope the next season will be just as rewarding. That’s the thing about gardeners, we are always optimistic. We can’t wait for spring when life springs forth from the soil. It’s just one of mother natures miracles that a tiny seed can produce a beautiful plant. It continues to inspire me and give me hope.

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  1. i just ordered from Pinetree (www.superseeds.com) and am so looking forward to getting started! With my new projects, I’ll be able to plant even MORE seeds this coming spring! Happy Gardening!

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