I am a Proud Momma

Of four new Echeverias. Gotcha there didn’t I? My poor Echeverias had to come inside the house as it was just too cold outside for them any longer. I received a selection of succulents from a gardener who was moving a couple of years ago.

This gardener was moving and knew he didn’t want to pack up the succulents growing in the bird bath. It was my pleasure to take the plants home and nourish them. This gardener has a hard time saying no to plants, just saying.

Out of all the Echeverias I love the curly leaved one the best. It grew and grew over the last two years and took up most of this planter. But it had some leggy growth start to happen as you can see by the stems going over the side of this container. It wasn’t pretty.

How can one resist a plant with such beautiful colouring? The edges of pink combined with the bluish tones of the leaves had me loving this plant all summer.

Then it began to send up shoots. I was anxious to see flowers and hoped our summer would be long enough. Here in BC our summers are usually short and on the cool side but this year was exceptionally dry and hot. This Echeveria loved the heat.

Well by the time it flowered it was already in the greenhouse. The rain had arrived and one thing most tender succulents don’t like is rain. So excuse my messy greenhouse but check out the tiny flowers that finally bloomed. The flowers last for a very long time on the plant. By November the plant was at least a foot across and needed to come inside the home. My greenhouse is unheated and with frost looming I didn’t want to lose this plant. They don’t like temperatures under 5C so into the house it came. I literally just grabbed the bottom of the stem and lifted it out of its container. The stem is over an inch in diameter and very strong.

This plant sat in the garage for a week before I ventured out to tend to it, poor thing. I can see its a bit cold stressed. But what was that I saw on the base of the plant? Oh my, the mother plant has offshoots! Yes!

I carefull broke the offshoots from the base of the plant. Each one had a few roots. Even if roots hadn’t been there I knew it would root easily. I placed the offshoots into a new pot of soil and they are loving their new home in my kitchen where they gets lots of sun and warmth. So what will become of the mother plant? I havent quite decided but I will most likely pot her up and bring her inside and see how she grows. After all, it’s not like I could give up on her, now could I?

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